Dr David Utzke

Agent, Senior Analyst, US Treasury

Dr David Utzke is a highly committed and driven thought leader in digital currency, distributed ledger technology (DLT) and alternative payments systems thorough an extensive knowledge of the virtual currency and cryptocurrency ecosystems. David has researched and studied cryptocurrency and blockchain since before they were introduced in the early 90’s in computer science laboratories.

Through his in-depth education and understanding of DLT and cryptoeconomics, David works to influence public policy and international standards through his current position at the U.S. Treasury Dept.


David is also an active learner, analytical adviser, and partners to build highly productive teams focused on accountability utilizing leadership skills developed as a former Army special operation Sr. NCO. David’s current work as an Agent Sr. Analyst is supporting civil and criminal investigations of financial crimes through the use of accounting forensics, cryptocurrency forensics, and distributed ledger analytics. His investigations entail enforcement of BSA, tax, and international correspondent banking laws, which has led to major enforcement actions in support of his investigations.

Dr David J Utzke, PhD, MBA, MSc, CFI, CFI, CCE, CBE, CEE, CBD, CSCD, CPTED, CPS, IBM Applied AI Professional, IBM Data Science Professional

1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Friday March 6th, 2020

Blockchain Applications in the Financial World – Use Cases in Digital Identities, Contracts and More

Distributed ledger technologies, or blockchains, go far beyond cryptocurrencies. From digital identities to smart contracts and much more, there is an explosion of blockchain-based applications that could have major impacts on financial crime compliance. But separating faction from fiction can be tricky. This session cuts through hype to give real-world case studies on blockchain tech already in use in fincrime compliance, and a look ahead to what's coming in the future.